Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ganz schön Pastell

German Edition of Pretty Pastel Style 

I'm excited to share the German Cover of my book Pretty Pastel Style with photography by Catherine Gratwicke, Ganz schön Pastell is title of the German edition which has been published by DVA it's due to be released in Germany on 31st March 2014, it's available to Pre-order now via Amazon. Pretty Pastel Style is also due to be published in Finnish and Taiwanese. What do you think of the German Cover???


Sylwia Gervais said...

Dear Selina the german cover is also very very pretty, I love the mood board on the left with the washi tape heart so much! I have the english version already, loving it! Have a great weekend!


The Vintage Good Life said...

Well done Selina, wow you'll conquer the world pretty lol x