Thursday, 31 May 2012

홈스펀 스타일

Homespun Style Korean Edition!
Yesterday I was thrilled to received the Korean Edition of Homespun Style from Dasan Books. Homespun Style has been redesigned for this edition and has brand new layouts, the actual size of the book is slightly more compact at 23.5 x 20 cm but don't be fooled by the size its a chunky compact with the images spread over 225 pages.. 65 more pages than the English edition. I love the soft flexi cover and the double design end pages of Bluebellgray designs. The Cover features two images another shot from Shella from The Loft's lovely Home (Her Dining Room is on the English copy) and Ingrid of Fjeldborugh in Norway's home. I'm so delighted with this version with the different design it feels like a brand new book! I'm going to order a few copies which will be available to order via Selina Lake Living. Thanks Dasan Books X


Olga Bogoroditskaya said...

Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!

All things nice... said...

Looks great, look at those images too, how beautiful!

All things nice...