Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mollie Makes Blog Hop!

Yay! Issue 12 of Mollie Makes is officially out Today! & to celebrate the launch and the start of Easter Season Mollie Makes is running a Bunny Rabbit themed Blog Hop....
Thanks for Hopping onto my blog - have you come via the Mollie Makes Blog Hop Competition? for your chance to win a handmade Rabbit Fascinator, courtesy of Helen at From the Wilde. If so you need to add up the number of Rabbits featured in the image above and then hop over to The Button Jar Blog by Jenny Dixon to carry on the count! I'm very happy to be part of the hop especially as my latest book Homespun Style is featured in this Fab Issue and I'm a BIG Fan of Mollie Makes!! (plus loving having a hop around the other blogs involved in this)

Photo Credits:- My Bunny Rabbit Etsy Faves (Clockwise)
1. Sewingseed 2. Vanilla Dog 3. My Pip Squeak 4. Graphicque Sepia Now Hop to it....


casapinka said...

Selina, I'm so glad your book is finally out. I just got out my "Romantic Homes" since we are buying a house and getting ready to move. You are kind of my hero.


Elyse said...

looks very sweet! congrats on more press!

i know pink ^ how fun!


brocobelle said...

Just read the feature about you in Mollie Makes, so glad to have discovered your blog & books, can see I have lots of happy reading ahead! Thank you.