Monday, 7 November 2011

Romanttiset Kodit - Finnish Edition

I'm delighted to announce Romantic Style has now been published in Finnish by Publishers WSOY. My 1st book Bazaar Style was also published in Finnish - Löytöjen koti * VERY HAPPY *


shikha said...

woow its soo beautiful n romantic i luv it soo much n want got my eyes was d print i wish i could go through 1 of its edition but i don't think its there in India :/

Anonymous said...


I wonder how it feels to be published in Finnish. Well I'm pretty sure you translate well ;-)

jendina said...

Im from Finland, and I have your book "Löytöjen koti". I really like it, and that new book sounds very interesting! I like romantinc style and bazaar style, both.