Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Royal Wedding Cake Toppers - Last Orders!

My Royal Wedding Cupcake Toppers have been very popular at my shop Selina Lake Living, tomorrow will be the last day to place orders for these if you want them to arrive in time for the Royal Wedding Day Friday 29th April, what with the postage being effected by all these lovely bank holidays here in the UK. Also same goes for my Royal Wedding Card set ...Get your orders in asap so not to miss out!
(Photo above by Sussie Bell)


Elyse said...

how exciting! beautiful photograph.


Patchwork Harmony said...

hi Selina,
I know such a shame we didn't see each other! lets def make a plan to meet in May then - just let me know when you are free, one evening after work is prob best?
Loving your etsy shop - goodness knows how you have time for it on top of all your styling work/books etc!
drop me an email about when you're free.

Caroline x

Carrie said...

So cute... and wonderful photography as well!