Thursday, 16 September 2010

Romantic Style Book Launch Party this Saturday!

I hope you can come along on saturday!


Tove's to og firbeinte said...

Good luck with the book launch Selina...I´d be there if I could...but the distance is too far unfortunately.However,I´ll buy your book!!!!
tove;norway _)

Anonymous said...

Dear Selina,
I just received your Romantic Style book yesterday. What a delight! Definitely a curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea kind of book.
As much as I love Shabby Chic and all the white and pale colors, it can become tedious. Your book is such a welcome change. Love all the color ~ especially the pinks!

kat said...

Dear Selina,
the book arrived from you this week and I absolutely LOVE it! I am going to write back "old fashioned style"! To say a proper thank you.
So this is just a short note for now,
with love kathryn xox

jackie said...

from snowflake, arizona in the untited states, i love the book! thank you :)

Mrs. Sutton said...

Hi Selina - just found your blog via the link from Cowparsley. Hope your launch went well - would definitely have loved to come if I'd seen this in time! I love your books - your aesthetic is absolutely STUNNING. So glad to have found both you and Cowparsley. Romantic Style is my preference, but to be honest, it all looks pretty amazing! I'll definitely be back.xx

The Hausfrau said...

Hello! I'm not new here, but this time I've arrived via Cowparsley, where I'm hoping to win a copy of Romantic Style, as I already own and love Bazaar Style!

samanathamartinez said...

Your book is such a welcome change. Love all the color ~ especially the pinks. These all looks really very lovely i like it so much.
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