Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy Valentines!

Photographer: Debi Treloar

This image is from a shoot I styled for May 09 issue of Prima, I have these LOVE Pillowcase from Lush Designs on our bed at the mo.


Jane said...

Hi Selina,
I know where that picture was taken - Beach I right?
I would LOVE to go to Beach House one day...I would carry your bags and make you tea...!!! :)

Selina Lake said...

Yes your right jane it's Foster House in Rye a location house with the agency Beach Studios - its a lovely place to work!!

ashlina said...

happy valentines day to you!!!
i absolutely love this picture. didn't know you styled it
you rock.

i put it up on my blog here...


Tove's to og firbeinte said...

These pillows are the cutest ever :)
Would buy them immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!
And since I am writing this comment I have to brag about style so well and I just love,love,lo0ve your pictures.Pure delight!!!!!!! .)))

Elyse said...

greetings, selina!

just discovered your blog and am completely swooning over everything!

happy valentine's!


Amanda said...

They are so gorgeous!!! And that headboard is to die for. Beautiful blog!

MelsRosePlace said...

I'm delighted to have discovered your blog. I have your book and adore it,,, now cannot wait for your next one. Have added you to favourites on my blog so i can keep up with the news. Mel xx

Pearls Of Zelma said...

Beautiful Pictures - Thanks for all Inspiration..
Love from Sweden

Abigail Ryan said...

I have these as well - but in Aqua... although they look so pretty here, I think the pink is calling, too ;)

Where My Heart Is said...

I just love these pillow slips. I am going to order them straight away!